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About our collections

We are i5, a Design and Architectural Studio based in Guatemala and Los Angeles, California. Founded by 3 Architects and Plastic Artists Diego, Beverly and Luisa. As Guatemalan artists our goal is to create luxurious functional and decorative objects. We want to spread around the world our roots by creating different pieces inspired in the Spanish colonial styles fused with indigenous patterns and the vibrant colors of our communities.

Our cermic collection is designed by our studio and hand painted by local artisans of Antigua Guatemala, suppporting local communities. Our collection includes tableware, art, sculpture, home decor and interior design applications.




Seeing the beauty in a flower could awaken humans, even briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own deepest selves, their true nature.


The first recognition of beauty was one of the most significant events in the evolution of human consciousness. Feelings of joy and love are intrinsically connected to that recognition. Without our fully realizing it, flowers would become for us an expression in form of what is highest, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves.


Made in resin and ceramic this collection is a conscious reminder to connect with nature and contemplate it in order to achieve a different level of being and, most importantly, to release the need of materiality.



Inspired in the edible gummy bear we all love we created KIÚ: a love spreader. Because candy makes everyone happy, we took the gummy bear we all know and inspired with our local art we created a ceramic version of it, hand painted with different patterns and colors. Breathing life into our KIÚ collection, with the purpose of spreading a message of love, care, compassion, joy and all the good the world has to offer.

Kiú is a collectible art piece available in different designs as limited collections. All pieces are numbered from 10-100 units available per design around the world.


This collection created to let go of any strigs attached. As humans we sometimes attach ourselves to chains that do not let us be free. Chains that drain our energy, our confidence and our self awereness. A balloon that flies freely in the sky with no path, with no strings attach is the representation of this seeking freedom as humans we desire.



Our collection of tableware is inspired in the native flowers of Antigua Guatemala, and the colonial architecture. Abstracting patterns of archs and geometry. Produced in Antigua Guatemala, every piece is authentic, and reflects the fine artistry of our skilled artisans. This is why no two pieces are exactly the same.



  • Main Plates

  • Salad Plates

  • Dessert Plates

  • Under plates

  • Coffee set

  • Soup

  • Butter and more...



With the development of a ecological system to filter the water and eliminate the use of plastic "Ecofiltro" a guatemalan company designed a unique method to purify water made of sawdust and colloidal silver, eliminating the microplastics found in the tap water.


As artists we saw the benefit of having an ecofilter in every house, thats why we designed a collection of handpainted outer shell made of ceramic to hold the filter inside. Filters available 5.5 liters to 20 liters.



Bathrooms are one of the most intimate places, that´s why our sink collection handpainted brings an enviorment of luxury, comfort and beauty to every space.


Our collections vary from floral patterns to geometric architectural designs, in a wide variety of colors. Two different designs of sinks are available: the overput handwash and the embeddable handwash.



Our collection of handmade tiles covers a wide variety of colors and patterns. Spanish architecture and design is notable for its use of hand painted tiles bringing color, design and a unique ambiance to spaces.


Our tiles are 100% handmade to ensure quality and uniqueness in every piece.Our handcrafted pieces not only transport the beauty that surrounds us to your home, but also enrich the lives of our artisans who have learned an irreplaceable skill and in the process have fallen in love with ceramics as much as us.

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