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Our Collection

Eternal Spring collection is a series of wallpapers made from pressed florals. The process starts by us collecting flowers from different sources, from our garden, from the store or even some are gifts we get by our special relatives. We press them through a manual process that takes around a month to properly dry them. After the flowers are completely dried and pressed we start the design process. 

Our process consists in creating large scale art pieces of a composition with the pressed flowers, each flower is pasted carefuly into the canvas a process that can take us from 8 to 10 hours depending on the size of the canva. After finishing the art piece with the use of technology we scan in a very high quality the art piece to get a digital image, image that our desginers team works with to create the different designs and styles of wallpaper. 

We love to transforme a handmade process into luxury elements that later become part of the different spaces allowing us to make Spring be Eternal for everyone. 

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